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Card Slinger, Toltec Knight

Hi, I am Colleen, your card slinger and Jaguar knight in the Toltec lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of "The Four Agreements"
My mission, my message, my gift, is to empower you to realize you are the master of your own life. Tarot is my delivery system, it shows me where to look and what to say. 
It is like reading music, the notes are on every keyboard in the same place, but we all play them differently.

I did my first ever podcast with the wonderful ladies of Curious Vibes.Here it is:

Jade and Talia are back with guest Colleen McLean of Tin Can Tarot (as seen in Venice, CA) who breaks down everything you thought you knew about Tarot and redelivers it a new and tangible approach. You won't find fortune-telling or curing curses placed on your ancestors from this amazing lady! Check out this episode now and look for Tin Can Tarot around Venice or by following her on Instagram @tincantarot.

Podcast with Curious Vibes

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Bring Tin Can Tarot To Your Event


Card Slinger For Your Event

Before the birth of "Tinct" (my gorgeous caravan), there was just me-- in shops, small parties and eventually trade shows of 14,000 folks. All I needed was a table, a couple of chairs, and a querent. The same holds true today and, when an event space can't accommodate Tinct, we go 'old school' with the Card Slinger experience: personal, raw, insightful, empowering, and memorable.


The Tin Can Tarot Experience

Experience Tarot  inside 'Tinct'-- the beautiful Vardo that is the highlight of any party. Reminiscent of an elegant bygone era, this tiny but impressive trailer inspires the imagination and brings wonder and magic everywhere she goes. Your guests will be immersed in another world while receiving an insightful reading that they will never forget. The Tin Can Tarot experience takes your event to the next level.

"The quantum field responds not to what we want, it responds to who we are being" Joe Dispenza


Private Readings

Clarity, Guidance & Inspiration

My favorite time with Tarot is using it to heal our daily lives. Whether it a deep dive into old patterns and wounds that are calling out to be revealed and healed, or a situation that has your mind in a tangle and you just need clarity, this allows us to go to the root of the problem and really suss out solutions for moving forward in a powerful responsible way.


The Tarot Keeper Shop

Tarot Bags, Decks and Candles

I started to design bags for my tarot decks when all I could find were drawstring bags made of velveteen. I knew I could do better. And I continue to work on designs and fabrics that stand up to the incredible indie decks that are available today. If you are like me, and do not like a tuck box, then this site is for you.

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination" John Lennon

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"More than just a Tarot reading, Colleen channels straight from the source.
I always leave feeling revitalized and with insights that I am able to put into action "

—  Camila Ramos - Venice Beach CA


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