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Zoom/Phone Readings

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Zoom/Phone Readings

Year Ahead Spread

First Mondays
Package of 12
15min Readings






15min Readings

Tarot is a tool we can use to tap into our inner wisdom and become the creator of our own lives.  Call on the Tarot for guidance to relase and heal old patterns and wounds, or to clarify a current situation that is troubling you. Or perhaps you are on the brink of an important decision and want some information on what the Tarot says you can expect.

 Whether it is for the new year or for your birthday, this reading gives you an overview of the year to come. Find out what the Tarot card for this year is, and what that means for you. It is always helpful to get a leg up from the Tarot, so you will know when it is wise to take action or if it is time to release and let go and just watch the world around you.

For those who have experienced the value of Tarot in your life,

First Mondays is a 15 minute reading the first Monday of every month for the next 12 months. 

15 minutes is a perfect amount of time to check in with your higher wisdom and get ready for the month ahead or to tackle old patterns and habits you wish to transform this year. 

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