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My Story

Card Slinger, Toltec Knight

Hi, I am Colleen, your card slinger and Jaguar knight in the Toltec lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of "The Four Agreements. My mission, my message, my gift, is to empower you to realize you are the master of your own life. Tarot is my delivery system, it shows me where to look and what to say. It is like reading music, the notes are on every keyboard in the same place, but we all play them differently.


If you view your life as your masterpiece you begin to see how your are painting it. What you have chosen to put in it. We call that "dreaming" in my tradition. So, how are you dreaming?  Look at" what is" or the circumstances of your life. This will show you how you dream. What you think and feel is what shows up in your life so you can continue to think and feel the same way you have been. To change "what is" you have to change what you think and feel. I give you full permission and absolute power to arrange it or rearrange it as you will. In your reading I will remind you, you have that power. You have the power to create and choose, so let's choose it, consciously.

I started my studies pretty young, about 17 years old. I found Carlos Casteneda around 18 years old, and found his words resonated with me. His stories, or "mythology", could heal my issues by  adjusting my perceptions. I became convinced that it is thru our minds, and how we "perceive" that is the cause of our suffering, and that by changing how we think, our minds can also  be the cure. 


When I discovered Tarot, it became the perfect information delivery system. My friend encouraged me, by giving me a place to read in her shop. So thus my Tarot journey began. reading in shops and at events for small groups and then graduated to trade shows and parties.  Small or large, I will provide insightful readings your guests will appreciate and have fun getting.  All you need is a table, a couple of chairs, and I will do the rest.


"More than just a Tarot reading, Colleen channels straight from the source.
I always leave feeling revitalized and with insights that I am able to put into action "

—  Camila Ramos - Venice Beach CA

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